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  1. Munoz fam Yessir

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  3. Kristine Soto

    nooooooo why the dragon

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  5. Ryan Alghamdi

    Is that how covd19 is around?

  6. Vergil

    7:29 Poisonus and venomus isn't the same

  7. Gillian Farrell

    The weirdest is number 1

  8. Parker lybarger


  9. Muana Himself

    0:28 Hope the lion got them

  10. Intel withBase

    Click bait and this guy gives no facts to why his list of snake are rare. I feel dumber having watched this.

  11. spaceflight101

    You know that scene from "Home Alone" where Kevin puts the spider on Marv's face and he screams like a girl? That's not just him screaming! If you hate spiders and want a little revenge, check out Frog Time and make friends with an African Bullfrog.

  12. Yaxasyas Vaj

    Its not a turkey its a chicken

  13. Elena Petrova


  14. CipherShoob

    He really called floppa a karkul lmao

  15. Ronald De Jong

    You forgot Unicorns.

  16. Adharsh Adharsh9708

    4:23😂😂😂😂 u cant control my 🤣🤣🤣

  17. pyo porunni

    So toothless's actions in trying to talk/impress with the light fury was actually a sex call

  18. Anika Nasir

    I'm early 🙂

  19. xFlufy

    1. Dont clickbait shitty thumbnails. 2. Dont make a 10 min video with 9 minutes of filler content. 3. Dont name your channel junkie if you dont actually shoot up herion

  20. mad cappy yt

    the rake is scary

  21. jon lopez

    Why do you use some scientific names and some common names

  22. L A Z Y D U C K

    My auntie has a pet dingo his names zoomer ▼・ᴥ・▼

  23. Eduardo Viajero

    Trophy hunters should be hunted too.

  24. Oscar feng

  25. Oscar feng

  26. Oscar feng

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  27. Jozef Virba

    0:25 Too bad it's fake

  28. Layla Brooks

    2:16 dat is rape🤣😭

  29. The Candy Dragon


  30. My Talking Friends

    I live in Sri Lanka I'm just seven years old haha

  31. John Lewis

    Terrible. You show pix of video with a bear bitting a man and the video doesn't even have that in it. CLICK BAIT!!!! BULLSHIT!!!

    1. ThatOneDoc live

      Ur weird man

  32. Joyce Harris

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  33. SoGood

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  34. Trion Juggernaut

    Honey badgers, wolverines, Tasmanian devils, and hippos are the most aggressive animals

  35. Indira Stachowski

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  36. Lotus Naturals

    Number 1 doesnt even look like a spider it looks like the same type of animal a daddy long legs is, and they aint spiders

  37. ThatOneDoc live

    0:25 fucking deserved

  38. Nigthskyciti

    I hit that dislike butter and I sub bitten in 2 seconds wtf

  39. Apollo 533

    I would feel more sorrow if the animals had been attacked

  40. Keyla Mora

    Ummmm I Think My cat.is killer a Like yeah

  41. Bubble Baby

    Arachnophobia says hello

  42. Tobias Windom

    Had a dogo he was mean. Didn't hurt people but other dogs, had to give him to animal control

  43. Lucas Rühl

    the last one is not a spider btw

  44. Nikolai Western

    It's octopuses not octopi

  45. Fatima Sheraz

    And also dogs only bite because they think you are going to hurt them and if you take care of them they won't hurt you

  46. Fatima Sheraz

    Don't lie dolphins are not killers

  47. JJ's Sparkle Fun

    so sad

  48. Jonathan Mckee

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    1. ThatOneDoc live

      @Jonathan Mckee try what? Not watching youtube? Not thinking about how Your opinion isn't useful at all?

    2. Jonathan Mckee

      @ThatOneDoc live don’t be upset honey you’ll be okay. Just try harder. :-).

    3. ThatOneDoc live

      @Jonathan Mckee i'm sureeeeeeeeee

    4. Jonathan Mckee

      @ThatOneDoc live I stopped watching and commented when I came to this decision. Hopefully you’ll improve and / or people will realize and move on. Bloop.

    5. ThatOneDoc live

      Then why u here

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  52. Eva Turnbull

    Seals are bad..? Wait what about walruses😑 WAIT DOGS IM GOIN DOWNSTAIRS TO CHECK KN MY DOGS

  53. Arianna B

    I did this speed challenge👍

  54. Frog Club

    The tiny frogs are cute

  55. Frog Club

    All of these monsters aren't real they're instinct now

  56. lala Lalala

    Creeping me out it milk p strong I'm strong 💪

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  58. Angel Wolfy

    Last one: dude that’s a TINY HOOMAN WHY R U SCARED ( I’m a coward why am I not scared )

  59. Charles Soriano

    There is a crab is posonus in pilipins but people don't now about if you eat you die in one minute and this venom is in harmful no want now haw to teck of the venom there is 600pople die to this crab

  60. Anniek

    Facts Junky get your facts straight!!! You sow 3 different kinds claiming them to be one and the same. At 5:58 you say that you show a green tree snake. This is false. It's the rough green snake (Opheodrys aestivus). This snake is about as thick as a pencil as an adult. It's habitat is found in the southern part of the States, Kansas, Texas, New Jersey and Florida. It's a very petit snake which feeds on crickets and other insects. At 6:31 you show a tree python (Morelia viridis). This snake is native to Asia, the indonesian Islands. Aru-Islands. Only in the northen tip of Australia in the state of Queensland. Kape York they can be found. Green tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus) is probably the snake you are talking about. This one is native to Australia. The snake shown at 6:23 is probably the one you really wanted to show. I find it curious how you put 3 different snakes in one segment, claiming to be one and the same when they are so different in size and shape. The vine snake is shown in it's own segment while in fact it IS a tree snake.... If you call yourself Facts Junky, DO the research and get the facts correct.

  61. Ryla Janelle Bresenio

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  62. Devin Booker

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  63. Kyra Olivares

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  75. Stick guy animator

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  77. Shonique Toby

    Rake is fake

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    Hey huntsman aren’t spiders there are more related to scorpions