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  1. MultiRentboy

    I'm not gonna talk about Biden or Kamala, I don't even know why they still alive, but when our Führer Trump takes back the USA under the New Republic, China, Russia, Iran, N. KOREA, venezuela etc. Will fall in line. Long story short, nuke the shiii out of them all

  2. Vox Veritas

    Ukraine is based. Big respect for those brave Ukrainians.

  3. Oenkkk Trip

    All need to go back to Africa

  4. Peter Molton

    Take no notice of these vile scaremongering media channels they are a disgrace.

  5. The Shed

    A war built on a lie that changed nothing, thanks Silverstein and the boys for 9/11

  6. Kim Jong-un

    I can deploy my peacekeeping military along with Peaceful nukes there

  7. Stephen Wright

    This is what the far left want. They love a good war.

  8. Mia Nilsson

    Ukraine is a sovereign state, Alexei Navaljnyi is jailed and ill, the world has responsibility to restaure Peace !

  9. Nicholas Lohinski

    Tory sleaze never went away. Sleazy is a pre requisite for any incumbent Conservative.

  10. Master Race of everything

    He a good cop but it’s concerning he dint use taser or at least drew taser out if actually had attacked. i mean isn’t it a good time to use taser which have been trained exactly for such incident? all that “taser taser taser” gimmick training? Don’t tell us our tax money taser just been used for fun trainings

  11. Starsky Dhillon

    Planets had it . Game Over in slow motion

  12. Kim Jong-un

    After WW3, we will be technologically most advanced with our messenger pigeons, Sticks/bamboo making factories, stone throwers... Wow Can't wait for such a Future

  13. Mark D

    Both the western Media and the Mozambique government are in denial of the Root cause of this conflict, yes is the 60 Billion dollar Oil and gas Project and no Single dollar is going to the local people After they lost their fishing grounds to Oil companies. give them back their resources and the conflict will Stop, very simple.

  14. Tashikavita Kiran

    Are people going to protest having this demand

  15. Sebastian Croft

    The West loves playing the hokey cokey in the Middle East. Troops in, troops out, shake it all about etc.

  16. John Grepo

    The shrapnel that peppered the front is frightening!

  17. B

    Sky turning comments off on videos left, right and centre? Obviously we mustn't broadcast the views of the public regarding mandatory vaccination then? Oops.... turn the comments back on Sky? We have opinions we'd love to share 😁😉

  18. Tashikavita Kiran

    Why he is not arrested till now

  19. Nick Manning

    Will there be a vaccine to fight stupidity?

  20. Jim Winter

    I guess Putin had a honeymoon while Trump was in But now Bidens back in Putin will have his match in war mongering and probably resulting in war. Why can’t the world leaders stop being Pratt’s ??

  21. Patrick

    Russian regime needs to learn through a good beating

  22. Eugene Cartwright

    What ever happens to the millions of homeless people living on the streets in America 🇺🇸 no one talks about these lost souls the greatest country in the world can't look after its own people...

  23. Graeme McKay

    9 years later.

  24. Mr Smith

    Didn't trump already start bringing them home?

  25. gary Smith

    "suspected of storing nuclear weapons in crimea" Reason for invading the middle east: "suspected of storing weapons of mass destruction"

  26. Margaret Chant

    Labour starting to look credible.

  27. hayvahen

    for an example ... body has a headache, what to do! should not hit anywhere to stop pain! should take medicine to get rid of headache! ... the Myanmar government is the head ... hands and feet are their people! Where is the medicine!

  28. Jak Haughton

    So all those deaths and maiming of NATO troops was for no reason. Politicians are a slimey, horrible bunch

  29. Żakhuj Łapserdak


  30. Q's Lond

    Russia can do whatever they like to do in their territory ,this is not stinky NATO business