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  1. Sarah Nichols

    Sorry got it wrong they think it's william but it's micheal 😕

  2. British Blueberry

    Did Austin make a Ben 10 reference?

  3. XyrantiumX

    It hits different when your name is jason

  4. E. Honda

    Ronnie would love Breath of the Wild

  5. Samuel Kline

    Amulet Coin Users breathe intensely*

  6. Harris Mollart

    What about tesla

  7. Game, Fun, Wolf

    Okay so that is a good Theory but I am German and the German name for Zipper is more like "Osterhase" = Easter Bunny (translatet) so the theory makes there not so much sense and I only have the Idea that the creators meant for the German variant something like "Osterhase" because it sounds Ohs T. Hase sounds if you speak it out as a German it sounds really much like Osterhase so that does not really comes with the other things together that it is called Easter Bunny (translatet from Osterhase) and the other names not. And yes there were a translation mistake so the actual translation (the meaning) is Easter Bunny cause that makes more sense and in Germany we are looking for eggs which are hidden by the Easter Bunny cause of the meaning of the bunny but, the German Translation is (I think) made how it is because for the German the Easter Bunny is well known, it is believed that he's the one who hides the eggs, and it is most times that ONLY the children are looking for the eggs which are actually hidden by the parents, so the name alone does not go with the Theory but the meaning and what is done does so I would say you could say that it is one of the parents but not which one cause it is not clear in Germany which one does it. But except the translation mistake I think the theory makes sense.

  8. Alfie Greenwood

    Who is he

  9. Cartoonizer PH

    Austin: It doesn't Exist Me: Okay Austin, or are you?!

  10. FewestPlains857


  11. Serious Gamer

    Matpat: PYRO HAS SCHIZOPHRENIA Me: Or it could just be the pyroland goggles.

  12. Иван Ганев

    Carrion may as well be Scp Black Hearth or the flesh that hates . Relith Scienc may be something ELSE , Under guise of something else . Time travel? Agents to contain dangerous paranormal things disguised as something inconspicious

  13. Sayori

    Sayori is doom guy

  14. MageSkeleton

    Would be amazing if the next game was based in China, those people are so incompetent and paranoid it would be hilarious.

  15. TheEggGamer THEEGGGAMER

    Theory ' Gregory is The Crying Child Greg ROBOT :):):):):):)

  16. Nothing To see here

    I was literally playing this for the first time just before this video got uploaded yesterday 😂😂😂😂

  17. Luke Mac Mahon

    1:06 turn on English subtitles

  18. Sava Bykovich


  19. ItzLukeStorm


  20. Emanuel Ziska

    Every minecraft speedrunner: finishes the speedrun in about 30 or less minutes Me: beats the game in 24 hours cuz im not good at speedruns and i dont know how to make anything good and i dont know how to make potions or make enchantment books or get enchantment books

  21. CoolManSammy

    It's a 4x4 End Portal 8:35

  22. Rico Rapi

    Pls make a theory about mobile legends bang bang

  23. Lyoze Pudge

    Man twitter sure is retarded

  24. Tommy2Time

    Bro Austin can we get matpat back

  25. VOS2014 -

    in the name of [insert name of greek/egyptian/Roman god]

  26. Martin Drkoš

    I love Carrion. Great video.

  27. Isa Theorist

    I’m curious about the ender dragon, how did it get there? How did it survive? Where there others? Why is there just one? Is there just one? Can it self breed? Was there another because you can get an egg?

  28. Joshua Morris


  29. David Jezdimirovic

    Here's my way of deciding how long someone stays in prison. Take the age of the person who killed someone and then take the age of the person who got killed. Subtract them and boom

  30. Forron

    "This guy was right all the years ago!" Is what i hope will never be possible, BUT it isn't roughly impossible.

  31. Cinzia Coppola

    Oh that’s weird that the its about the New York City

  32. B14 - Silva Renz Jacob C.

    Anybody remember when people used to think that fnaf is real


    This is ZEKE YEAGER'S philosophy.

  34. Stue PC

    herobrine was ma- uh i mean summoned in 2010 and disc 11 was was allso made in 2010

  35. Sarah Wilkerson

    I’m about 5’ 3” and I weigh a whopping 98 pounds. 😕

  36. Jetson

    i feel like ballora is being overlooked first this now her music in security breach trailer?

  37. Guarddoggieblue

    Anyone else notice how the kid in the fnaf security breach trailer has the same shirt and hair color as the crying child

  38. someone in the internet


  39. Alfie Greenwood

    Hey they finally made a carrion video heh I love that game Carrion is real it’s a virus a parasite so it is a real thing

  40. ً

    Theory theory : We Exposed GAME THEORY!

  41. Kettil Suwannachairop

    Me who thinks they finaly did a terraria wof:guide theory (hint pls do) also 4000th comment!

  42. Nacho Cheese

    Yo Austin sup dude I just wanted to ask what do I need in order to make my own ndm gear from attack on Titan 🤔

  43. creeper go boom


  44. Gabriel S

    This video is state propaganda. No different than Soviet propaganda.

  45. Declan Cantamessa

    Wait. How do you play as Willi A when spring trap is a character in Ultimate Custom Night?

  46. superbadgerdoom

    Oh hey a good pick for a topic! Must be Austin cuz Matt just covers commercially popular stuff. As opposed to anything interesting.

  47. YaotylZuma

    We had to know what his first name is because we are in his last name is Afton. Or I now

  48. Kuutie 07

    Im learning about heat and electricity in school and I just learned more from this one video than I learned in 5 classes

  49. Lothric Knight Sword

    Chimera Ant Queen

  50. Raymond Magnus

    “I am DA Dumbest man alive, eat me me and it shall be your doom”

  51. Deniss X

    I watched this man since he revealed who purple guy is six years ago,good times

  52. Laban Näckros

    orange guy is yellow not orange ):<

  53. Enrico Schwarz

    Me: has a nightmare about a zombie apocalypse. My HUfast recommended page: full of zombie vids.

  54. dalton wilkinson

    it’s been forever

  55. SpectralFX

    Ngl, Ommiting that trash tier starter was the right thing to do back then. *Then putting it at the center of this vid that's about why they'll go extinct is just Chef's kiss*

  56. Mark Brylle Gutierrez

    What if they're trying to control the dragon therefore the map to pinpoint the location of the stronghold and how to activate the portal therefore the imitation of the portal but im not sure respond to me if u think so too

  57. Gervias Nathan

    we got ebgames all around in new Zealand

  58. Klipz coderr


  59. Aleksander Preskar

    the real story is really pathetic honestly imagine killing 5 people because you got fired from a chucky cheese

  60. Iggy Guevarra

    1:49 well that took a dark turn pretty quickly

  61. Going Blargh

    _There's a benefit to losing… You get to learn from your mistakes!_ -Megamind to Tighten

  62. tan shang ren

    The end huh

  63. Ian Tan

    4:00 Could simply mean that the Redith Labs took their technology from this place. Which would be a good reason for them exploring it, too.

  64. Rochard Noay

    Fnaf2 nf

  65. BiskoAnto 026

    Some people called Evan Christopher or cc . I realised that all of these names in the afton family seem old and evan ... I have never heard of it . So it might be very very old.

  66. Mary DeSpirito


  67. Crash Land YT

    Who s here after the pigmen got removed

  68. Mary DeSpirito


  69. General Understanding

    You don't have to quote stationary considering the earth never stops moving

  70. عاشة عباس

    Why was there only jacko chica and bonnie

  71. TheLonelyTrippersClub

    Everyone came for a definite answer but forgot what channel this is to begin with. 😂

  72. Keith Blom


  73. Keith Blom


  74. Lucky T E

    Wtf is this🤣🤣🤣

  75. Darking ,_,

    For one Second a see wall of meat in the tumb

  76. Maisy Thorbinson

    CC is Chris

    1. Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy


  77. Cinamoon Toost

    Maybe the next theory could be.... Book theory Story theory Music theory Theory Theory

  78. hazzy33

    Do you see were Bendy really was all of this happened