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  1. ámbar pinto


  2. Kyle Betts


  3. Dave Witter

    Immortal comedy.

  4. Marco Pazini


  5. Aadam Hussain

    The thumbnail brought me here

  6. Iroxinping

    The neo confederates were cute on Jan 6th.....

  7. king of games and anime

    My ghost is typing this because “You might win a Toyota BEEF. The first car for THICC BOIS” made me choke on my drink and die.

  8. Camille P

    She’s such a Success 👏👏👌🏼

  9. T Reese

    She's right..there is a dead man in all of us..haha..

  10. jawknee5

    This is gonna be so awkward. Fun fact: Miley's voice is much deeper than his.

  11. Melissa Franklin

    This is iconic.

  12. Harvey Manguray

    “And the Rugrats we’ve watched”😂

  13. Julio Suazo


  14. Avianna

    The second half is just me at networking events.

  15. Music Lover

    This is how Harry got those shrooms when he recorded Fine Line

  16. A

    God he's such a creep

  17. Kenny D

    you guys need to make jabs at them damn scalers pertaining to the Xbox series x and the PlayStation 5

  18. hoshimota ningeyu

    that looks like cabbage to me

  19. Gavin H

    Wow, I have just watched an advert for an online sermon service from the Church of England, no kidding! HUfast advert algorithm: "He's going to watch a US sketch about religion, he must be interested in religion!"

  20. Ahuntamer

    Absolutely horrible. Goes to show just how badly these people look down on small town people and think they're stupid.

  21. Joe Anthony

    Loved it.

  22. Joe Anthony


  23. Matt Wilkinson

    Those condoms arrived damn quickly

  24. T Reese

    I just want 8k likes just like Logan..haha

  25. timmcleaners


  26. Aadam Hussain

    When was the last time anyone saw Boris's hair that neat

  27. Yaakov Kabrera

    Hypothesis approved 😅🤣

  28. Mother of Kittens

    So much money and still get buy a personality

  29. Kay Tee

    This is going to be the most cringe but also the I-can't-stop-watching-this episode of snl

  30. LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar


  31. LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar


  32. Peyton Browne

    Democrats in the George Floyd riots be like we invented storming shit. 🤬

  33. Jooj McStevenson


  34. No_ U

    I like Donald Trump as a character, not as a president, not as a person. Feels weird

  35. Gavin H

    "Come on, Peloton - let's go! Watch those kids & cats! Don't let them hang around the back or look underneath!"

  36. jeep1070

    Thought I would wind down and watch a little HUfast before bed...

  37. Nathan King

    damn, imagine if this game show was real and you're up againts someone with a backstory like that, sheesh I would just forfeit

  38. Aldo LM

    Now those are Kate and PIPPAAAAAAA!!!

  39. Docmananoff

    Why does Bill Burr look like Archie Bunker here? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Peyton Browne

    Bro what happened to “I’m speaking.....”

  41. Moon Wvlf

    Why are useless millionaire celebrity actors trying to lecture us that Elon Musk is too rich? Pete Davidson has more money than 99.9% of humans will ever have in their lives so shut the F up.

  42. thecerezar

    Is it me or this doesn't seem like a bad idea like at all

  43. Flash Gordon

    Man, Cecily is extra hot here and rocking a great rack....

  44. Claire Mcfadyen

    Absolute horseshit. As funny as a hernia. Give it up SNL or bring back Norm MacDonald for Real comedy !. Your current crop of kid-on comedians are atrocious. This skit is pathetic. They are all pathetic. The day you guys got rid of Norm MacDonald was the day that you stopped being funny !.

  45. David Cox

    Rege you are the man

  46. Heather Jenkins

    Instantly made me think of meme about old times doctors "you have ghosts in your blood. Do cocaine about it"

  47. Damitha Nadeesha Wanniarachchi

    Did anyone used this green screen footage?

  48. Ali Abbas

    This is one of the funniest skits ever. Especially the chapelle Pete exchange hahagaga

  49. lori Nelson

    Love the art. .. Lol

  50. Iroxinping

    It was worse than lost

  51. Nick Manning

    Another one of those. I’m going to start rolling up my shirt sleeves cause I got new tattoos

  52. taylor dulay

    Doge coin to the moon baby

  53. Lucas Blanton

    "She just ripped one. After all, the sign told her to" 😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Miguel Salas

    So good classic kick a** horns

  55. Quinn Hen

    That was disturbing.

  56. Gonk

    She was so damn good, so underappreciated comedic actress :( Her movie with this SNL character was also good and very funny.

  57. WaItAgOsHdArNmInUtE

    To all the teachers watching.. yes, you are special! More about your students pls!!...

  58. RDC

    Just do a gender exchange And try to laugh 🙄

  59. Brad Davis

    Still To This Day The BEST EVER I’ve SEEN !!!!

  60. Malenkov

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  61. James McAllister

    0:58 little did they know SNL was at its peak then

  62. Chris X

    So...Disney watched this clip back in 2016 and said "hey guys we better make a Black Widow movie.... ASAP!" LOL thanks SNL <3

  63. DavidAWA

    My dude with his throw away gestures... lol

  64. COVID-19

    Cheap Fornication.

  65. Claudie Mach

    I replayed Kate sliding over the car hood too many times trying to figure out how she did it so smooth

  66. Mason Tenpenny

    Dude I miss trump

  67. Stephen J

    Dogecoin will be hitting the moon after this

  68. Heather Jenkins

    "Creattive who?" 😆😆😆

  69. DigitalCthulhu

    I don't have to tell you what the 28 dislikes are... But here's a hint.... SASSY!

  70. fightclub6291

    As an American (born and raised) I can sum up the health care industry as the following: you have a mental condition. (here's a pill). That pill has side effects (anal seepage..."it's not even fun to say" -Jeff Foxworthy). The doctor gives you a pill for that. Then you go to a GI doctor and they say....we're gonna need to perform a very expensive and costly operation. Then that underlying mental condition of anxiety and depression.....well here's another pill for you. .....and it has side effects. Hmmmm I wonder how long I'll continue to run on this hamster wheel?

  71. Servragh Giorsal

    We used to be the richest and most powerful but if you look at all the homeless people and over 400400'000'000 businesses closed and dying cities

  72. The Train

    let's call out the cast members who are against Elon being on the show. who the F is it? don't be a pussy, show yourself!

  73. Luis Willis

    This was a lot funnier than any skit SNL has had in 20 years!

  74. Klahanie

    Not dissing on the skit, one thing I learned from this is that there are parents out there that have experienced mental and physical abuse/torture in their lifetimes and carry it into their relations with others. Be kind folks, you never know what someone's been thru or going thru.

  75. Aidan Gordon

    Mandrew hard carried this sketch

  76. Sielo Bueno

    I just don't understand SNL cast members that object to the DOGEFATHER's appearance - just as we appreciate the SNL cast for bringing joy and laughter to our Saturday nights - we appreciate Elon Musk, along with his amazing Tesla Team, for helping to make Earth cleaner and for working towards Humanity's survival by making STAR TREKing a reality. Elon Musk's job is to be Elon Musk - SNL cast member's job is to help tomorrow's show be an AWESOME success! TO DA MOON!

  77. Legna the Alien force

    Love this

  78. tomitstube

    lol, the did the same thing with mikey and jennifer lopez. i think kenan was in that one too, they won a sweepstake or something.

  79. Sink Ohh! De Mayo

    Someone should make this a deep fake

  80. Heather Jenkins

    Very reminiscent of the Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen skits where they make up the songs as they go lol