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  1. Reyes Yanez


  2. Sahil Gami

    says it's important to note, and then shows a note on the table.

  3. Mahir Bin Masum


  4. Ruben Brandão

    What is the case he's using on the OnePlus 8 Pro?

  5. VECTOR 8

    6:30 that is how fast my phones charge goes down

  6. Captain Price

    Going from a 8+ to a XR

  7. raymond salazar

    Lou is obviously being a fan boy. Not even a single negative thing to say. Hah


    i too love to try new technology

  9. Ahn Wonyoung

    Me when i realized that this is the mask that the IZ*ONE members and whole staffs/stylist of them: 💅👁👄👁💅 Well, as expected from the best selling girlgroup and 4th gen leaders.

  10. Nitin Jhamb

    Thanks fro shipping me G5

  11. Zu rini

    Is it include charger inside?

  12. Dharang Rana

    Same design still new design lol ... most useless ph in the world ...

  13. Justin Huddleston

    This is a big ass phone and I love it

  14. emmanuel vincent

    I was directed to *figotrack* on Instagram he unlock mine with no stress

  15. Myrna Salar

    I'll wait for apple mask S and mask pro max

  16. Justin Huddleston

    That’s a big ass phone

  17. Endomou

    I just want to enjoy a moment of peace away from all the toxic fanboys

  18. GAPIbre

    You could check mmore case for phones. From slovenia

  19. Black Phantom


  20. vihara agbenoko

    Iphone 13 is gonna be just empty with small note on paper saying "everything is in your imagination"

  21. Paul Swift

    After having the P5 for a week, that top speaker technology made it far too quiet for calls and when I put it on full, everyone could hear the call, no privacy as you can't put a normal speaker up to your ear. Also, having come from a large phone, going back to small is very very difficult. I gave up and sent it back. It's good if you just want a state of the art comms device but not really if you want a good media experience too, like if you travel (not that anyone does much these days). Just too much money for a compromised device for me. After using OnePlus phones you'll also miss all the customize options, you forget how little stock let's you do, almost becomes an iPhone in that respect. Colour temp was wrong for me, far too yellow and you can't really do much about that. It's most redeeming feature is it's pocketability and lightness. Again, not going out much these days means I don't really benefit much from that either. Sorry Google.

  22. Kaleab Daniel

    Please send me a laptop with decent gpu? My laptop broke and I've nothing to use now

  23. Alessio Antonini

    Mini forever

  24. Issa Ar.

    Lol for iPhone 13 we have to pay for every single piece and build it ourselves .

  25. Hoàng Nam Volog

    No 12. Ok iphone 20 🤪

  26. MrShAdy24

    I have the iPhone 11 Pro and I don’t see any difference beside the 5g and the side Basil

  27. coreniqht

    What’s next? Apple iTissue? ;-;

  28. How To Make Sushi

    I think I'll stick with my iPhone 11, not much seems to have changed

  29. Victoriah kingg ACHA

    Wow the camera is even better than iPhone camera I love it 🥰🤷

  30. Shaurya Chopra

    An apple a year makes your money disappear.

  31. Thorben Kaufmann

    Why go to Windows? Why not try Linux?

  32. wastedWIFI

    Brodie bored lmao

  33. Slater Luna

    Wireless charging?

  34. Joshua Immanuel Manjaly

    Won't buy this. Waiting for 🍎 mask pro max

  35. sidharth. v

    It should be like this. There should be some units with no charger and some with so the can choose with diffrent amount of money.

  36. Light Zaber


  37. Michael Torres

    20k for an already outdated iphone lol no thanks

  38. Khaos

    Ita been a while since we seen something this uniqe. Its no bigger that your average smartphone, but 2 screens that dont have gimmicky functions. I can see irl streamers using this.

  39. fifa epic goals

    U just click baited us 😂😂😂 ! WHY ?

  40. bunbun 21

    Black or white??? I can't decide.

  41. Otniel Kevin

    I can relate when he said "..."

  42. Ya H

    This is the best!

  43. Joe Major TECH

    I have heard that Apple will sell their phones wrapped in sandwich paper to save the environment, but why not keep a consumer pocket?😒🤣

  44. raymond luca

    looks like its making u look like a cyborg

  45. uche clement

    *stanlzhack* via IG got my macbook unlock permanently

  46. uche clement

    *stanlzhack* via IG got my macbook unlock permanently

  47. danish pandey

    what's interesting is that the iphone mini even though smaller than the iPhone SE 2020 at least has a bigger battery capacity

  48. 19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]

    Oneplus should just skip the 't' models, so the next year's models look more upgraded

  49. Rey Kimseng

    I’m watching in October 2020 before 12 Pro Max the first 5G phone release!

  50. pallav mohan

    the prices are really commendable for a 5G empowered series from Apple - built on 5nm process

  51. ste emiplan

    5G is nonsense Huge resolutions on phones Does not working (you can not see) Apple is only for Young Girls

  52. Darek

    yo the camera man was on HoverBoard

  53. SelestaX

    Bruh i never watched u in so long u have gone old

  54. Not Garfield


  55. douglas mckenzie

    I had it for a month and a half it's an awesome phone

  56. Official J Gamer

    Im going for the iPhone 12 Pro. Im to impatient to wait for the 12 Pro Max lmao

  57. David Gremaud

    Why didn't you talk about no charger and no headphones? Sounds almost as you are paid by Apple. Same price new phone without the accessories. To me Apple is starting to get greedy and insulting people's intelligence.

  58. Saurav Kumar Roy Saha

    Nice video

  59. Vidit Khandelia

    Who else still has it in 2020 and loves it


    If they removed the charge and earphone from the box is to reduce the carbon emission, first they should have to change the lighting cable to usb c. That should be the first step. What you guys think?

  61. Sunnyday Always

    No charger magnetic only doesn’t come with it seriously? so I buy a nice new case an it’s to thick to be charged through it have to take it off charge it on again argggggg no thank you

  62. Jaybee Ong

    The most ambitious people are on this comment section

  63. genetic protocol walter

    why does this man sound like idubbbz so much?

  64. TYB Freshman

    I was so close to buy this but ima buy the iPhone XR or 11 I don’t want 12 bc how ugly it is :) iPhone 12: 📦🍏 it’s literally a box 😂

  65. Umaru Chan

    Hey Apple, do you know that more than 12 megapixels is also ok?

  66. cyberdiemon

    You have to know how important selfie camera needs to have IR for night vision

  67. ファビオコートーン

    I want..need

  68. PCS

    Now I understand why it's $1,000 phone, the packaging cost 500 LOL

  69. Rasta Mon YTG

    Seeing this reminds me of my sidekick. I was 17 with my sidekick. These new phone are what the kids of this time will be talking about in the future

  70. Blue Haze

    This guy changes phones more frequently then I take a shower

  71. Vidyut Devam


  72. Akum Bhai

    From where I can buy this smartphone

  73. cyberdiemon

    Hey man, Isn't there an IR bluster or you forgot to tell us about it?

  74. Alex D

    I only know 3 guys here including Lewis

  75. Edison Pep

    Can you please mention the later case a few more times, that would be great.. Jesus 😒

  76. help me to reach 10 million subscribers .

    I do not have phones My next phone is note 20 ultra or iphone 12 mini or op 8 pro but no money to buy I need but i cannot buy

  77. UF KAK

    You doing it wrong..it has to wrap on the other thighs.

  78. help me to reach 10 million subscribers .

    You are very lucky man changing phones every I am using phones for 3 years . But do not have money

  79. Shivam Kumar

    Wow i just made the dislikes 2k🤯🤯🤯😅😅😅