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  1. Stuart, Jr Barrett

    Guitar player’s face at 1:57, “I’m a bad boy” LOL

  2. Alexandre Moreno

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑 Thalia

  3. Ch Ri

    80 people flew somewhere else...smh

  4. Terry Beaud

    WOW !!! Ummmm .... WOW !!! :))

  5. Izzy here

    2:08 she looked so happy🥺😔

  6. Debbie Knorr

    Dinatale,he sed, Watta beautiful name! My Dad's name is Tony. He looks very much like my Daddy I told him.Hes Genuine Professional, smooth pretty skin.His eyes. Sparkle of Agelessness

  7. Debbie Knorr

    I Cry,every time I hear her Angelic Voice. Phenomenal Talent! I'm a Singer,she Blows me away! Gone way too soon.Singing with the Angel's.Lead,of course.Love you K.D. can't wait to Sing with you in Heaven

  8. Mary Marchant

    Tony my mother loved you & your music....Lyn

  9. Valerio Assis

    I am from Brazil. Wonderful!!!..

  10. Monique Sanders


  11. Sylwester Jurkowski

    Może i ładnie śpiewa, ale dla Bidena.

  12. Peter Sharman

    Absolutely beautiful !

  13. Christina Barsha

    FIRST Time listening😊 Thank You Kim Taehyung💜 For you i know more & more about new things, I have learned. I had no idea about the music industry before. Now I am slowly learning everything. I was able to get out of the previous small boundaries. Thank you so much Taehyung🙂💜❤️

  14. RumBall Tanks - Official

    Great !

  15. Dominik Osiak


  16. Cynthia Bellia

    A beautiful duet between 2 humans - lovely, heartwarming, respect, joy. This song just makes 2021. Like if you feel and agree.

  17. Denis Sutherland


  18. raymond hanks

    She is Absolutely Wonderful,, And with Mr. Tony Bennett, It's a can't miss !!!!

  19. Wilander Mendez

    Mmmmm severo video.

  20. Dan Dearborn

    Tony is a legend, but Gaga is absolutely is phenomenal!

  21. Kenneth Mucke

    Truly MAGICAL voices together. His Duet series is AMAZING... there will never ever be another of Tony, Frank, Sammy..

  22. Kenneth Mucke

    It does not get much better than Tony... him Frank and Dean, the 3 most amazing voices ever .. and her voice was really magical as well.

  23. SSM LBC

    I cant imagine an album with tony amy and gaga

  24. Felipe Dayz


  25. Peter Durkin

    Her voice is way off on this

  26. Yaman Salem

    I'm 18 and I fell in love with jazz music because of you, you're legend.

  27. Jade.714

    My heart is sad and lonely For you I sigh, for you, dear, only Why haven't you seen it? I'm all for you, body and soul I spend my days in longin' And wond'ring why it's me you're wrongin' I tell you, I mean it I'm all for you, body and soul I can't believe it, it's hard to conceive it That you'd turn away romance Are you pretending? It looks like the ending Unless I could have one more chance to prove, dear My life a wreck you're making You know I'm yours for just the taking I'd gladly surrender Myself to you, body and soul My life a wreck you're making You know I'm yours for just the taking I would gladly surrender Myself to you, body and soul

  28. Valery Krasulya

    Amy is Amy

  29. LaJardin

    So... what is a tramp

  30. Zbigniew Siwiec



    I love this performance. Such ease as she goes into every note. Her swagger, her effortless wonder and her command of this song... stunning.

  32. Sabine Reithofer

    🔥♥️🌈🌏✌️ Munich 2 0 2 1

  33. dropei hwa

    Oh céus, como eu achei isso só agora?

  34. giorgio C

    bravo maestro

  35. Catherine Malian


  36. Kizukv


  37. Jose Antonio Olivar

    La unica legenda que nos queda hasta hoy 1-20-21 don vicente fernandez y sigue siendo el rey de la musica ranchera gracias por traernos alegrias a nuestros corazones que dios lo bendiga siempre saludos desde Jalostotitlan,jal.

  38. Nitram Ot

    Congratetion bywhat to duelte music Excelent big interpretetion cante

  39. john b.

    Tony is a legend, a talented and clever man -- he proves it again here by getting the gorgeous Ana into the studio so he can gaze at her stunning smile, and oh yes, savor her sultry voice. Some years ago she spoke of her bisexuality -- men shouldn't be disappointed, they still might have half a chance. She's a beauty.

  40. The Child

    Clark W. Griswold dedicates this to the Blond in the Ferrari.

  41. Leedert Van Bakker

    What Type of music is this?

  42. kayla diamond

    I miss her

  43. Jose Ponce

    Descansa en paz Maestro Manzanero

  44. Cat Veva


  45. Charisse May Lagahid

    people should be subscribing to this legends channel. true artist. passionate and amazing.

  46. Julio Cesar

    Amy Winehouse. Como se perdeu uma voz assim? Faz falta te ouvir cantar. Sleep in peace.

  47. Mimi 1643678965

    Aw so cute

  48. A MLK

    3Some with Amy and Gaga for The Last Supper All you can eat and yes we can

  49. A MLK

    And for you tony Bennett I Felt My Fart In San Francisco

  50. Nick Riggio

    On Facebook Tony sing at Friends of Tony Bennett

  51. daria stabellini


  52. John Bates

    Amy, there will never be another Amy

  53. Pam

    I would never pictures these two voices blending so well. Love Willie! Love Tony! :))

  54. Robin Rocha


  55. Robin Rocha


  56. Ali Ali

    Very sad what happened to her tbh

  57. m. do.


  58. Natacha Pagliafora

    I love him even more now .. a perfect and unique version!🥰

  59. Lucia Aguirre

    Geniales los dos. Gracias Tony

  60. Carlo J. Morisset III

    *Tony* Bennett "Steppin' Out With My Baby" Steppin' Out Columbia Records Director: Marcus Nispel

  61. Lala World

    Crying uglyyyyyy and

  62. Marguerite Heirman

    So great! Maestro! What a duet! From Thailand,thank you.

  63. Rob T

    "Dont Get Around Much Anymore" has special meaning in the time of covid19. Hopefully you are reading this comment from years in the future and it is a distant memory with not much more than 'oh yea I remember that'.

  64. Anthony Summers


  65. Federico Gonzáleztreidnsbddhgh

    Dos leyendas de la música mundial, two legends of the world music industry. Que bonito cantan juntos.



  67. Catherine MERIDAN

    Just marvellous..extraordinary 😍

  68. grooverunner

    Wonderful arrangement by Jorge Calandrelli. Too bad they talked over Chris Botti's great trumpet work. Written in 1940, recorded by Mr. Bennett first in 1951.


    precious. wonderful. heart-wrenching.

  70. Gilberto Araujo

    Brazil i love♥️

  71. Jill Millward

    So good to hear that voice, love you all Tony.

  72. whocares anymore

    I imagine dancing to this song at my wedding🥺❣ RIP Amy 💖you always

  73. tania lopez rodriguez

    Jonh Mayer quiso vestirse a la altura... ❤️

  74. tania lopez rodriguez

    Don chente bien orgulloso de que el maestro Bennett estuviese pisando sus tierras. Par de fregones.

  75. tania lopez rodriguez

    Este par de voces me transportan a una época jamás vivida. Música que invita a soñar, es un lujo disfrutarla.

  76. gustavo ayala

    Did you notice how warm Mexican people are?

  77. Mark Harman

    It just doesn't get any better than this!

  78. daniel lima

    #2021 forever Amy Winehouse 💓💓💓💓

  79. Mary Catherine

    Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse were an amazing duet knowing Amy Winehouse song Back to Back and Tony Bennett who loved singing with Amy Winehouse.

  80. Sonyatheanimefan Chirrey

    I miss Amy wine house too I remember watching her music video rehab and I loved it