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  1. ricq

    that’s some bull

  2. mmijacika78

    EL CID

  3. Fredrik Lindevall

    Björn Ironside was the king of Sweden, or Svealand... I know that Vikings is more fiction than history but why would they even make him king of Norway...

  4. Chipers Mustafa


  5. Martin Master

    Bjorn. The one and only King! Heil!

  6. Diego Hernan Pagano

    The only scene and chapter who worth in the last seasson, everything else is utter garbage..

  7. Андрей Гундарев

    Вот так надо жить Люди!!!!

  8. Fairy Tail

    I love this show.

  9. Leonardo La Pera

    what episode is that?

  10. Brandon Schofield

    True warrior and king, his father is beyond proud no doubt! 👍👏👑!

  11. Lena Gómez Díez


  12. PandaMan2009

    That one big shark yall that shark was either hungry or mistook her for a seal cause sharks have bad eyesight

  13. Sky High

    It was a boring movie

  14. Katerina Nemtsova

    Круто! Очень!

  15. constantine3344

  16. Communist Cabbage

    He would’ve been 90 today

  17. ОниМЕ Файт

    че? почему я этого не видел в фильме? как же это круто я прям слезу пустил.... прям опять захотел викинги пересмотреть

  18. *MisS* *TriNiDaD*

    I love Borat..... Racists, not so much. 👿

  19. Laney Holliday

    The horrible haircut mechanically borrow because microwave perplexingly print pace a lewd paperback. zonked, abject neck

  20. Jérémy Laflamme

    Thanks for the spoiler!

  21. Sophie Pappas

    I love their teamwork

  22. No One

    I kept asking this question when I watched it How is there a shark when this place is fake? (Because they couldn’t see other parts)

  23. wmv666

    Ok youtube alright, for 3-4 weeks you keep pushing this video in recommendeds, here ya go finally watching what this is about are you happy now!?

  24. Lisa vdH

    so you mean like... the original??

  25. Дмитрий K.

    Бред какой-то, русские не сдаються. Точка. Никогда.

  26. Rukia Omary

    I lyk diz movie 🥰🥰

  27. Liyad Salem 1725128

    legendary king of Sweden

  28. Serjo

    Can some one tell me what episode this is


    Nice video keep it up

  30. Vinette N.

    Who on earth disliked this 👀??

  31. Max battersby

    what is this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. joel

    this video broke my heart :(

  33. Anand Raj


  34. Karma Reaper

    So nobody is going to mention the fact that homelander saved butcher but left the baby in the explotion .

  35. Andybird R

    It saddens me that his generation died with him.... Even his lil girl got taken by the sea 😭

  36. Tia D

    aloha :) love him- girl viu student :)

  37. Leon Scott

    Why is this in my recendenation

  38. S K

    We need the Song!!!

  39. Yaya TALL


  40. Jean-Claude Henry

    The soundtrack for this doesn’t get enough praise It was pore raising

  41. Babbot Finklestein


  42. Giacomo Hall

    Don't you dare say first

  43. Kai Venter

    In second watch I'm started crying... Heil Bjorn Ironside!

  44. iksanfianka

    i stop watchis viking since Ragnar died

  45. shorouk alahmady


  46. Audio Network

    Music: "New Old Skool". Listen, sync & download it here:

  47. Jose Fran RB

    Name the song?

    1. Sunrise

      Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    2. Joshua Soto

  48. truered lucky

    The way he says arregato gets me everytime xD

  49. Hidan

    Where have I heard this soundtrack before?

    1. Joshua Soto

  50. strikermaximus

    The Best recap on the internet!!! Especially useful for a TV show so complex and with so many moving pieces! I hope this continues and we get a recap for every episode!! Great Job!

  51. Kaz Jilqueue

    The sincerity here is perfectly balanced.


    Hahaha go back to hollyoaks kalvin

  53. Fin Stoney

    0:00 is that RDJ?

  54. Robert


  55. Shamazay

    You done Mama, Papa and Odin proud, you may rest now...

  56. Christine Colley

    They should have, I dunno, said something sooner?

  57. Gabriel Silva

    This series is amazing, I can't wait to see the season 2❤️ (A fan from Brazil 🇧🇷)

  58. Tim Johnson

    Turns into Donald Trump at 3:02. Truly scary

  59. Guilherme de Cairo Souza

    anyone have the name of the song that is played in the start?

    1. Sunrise

      Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    2. Joshua Soto

  60. tinashe chitsike

    is it now available on Netflix??

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  62. Jakob The Viking

    We are Vikings! We are all kinds of Stubborn 💪🔥✊

  63. JupJup

    Bruh next time don't wear a BDSM leather outfit to a battle. I would suggest some sort of metal instead.

  64. Sukhveer Singh

    Best series ever

  65. najib puki


  66. Stephen Reynolds

    Third series and he is still going round asking for help...

  67. Elerion

    Epic idiotism.

  68. K3Matt449

    Nothing is impossible when it comes Bjorn.

  69. Rahil Hodekar

    E p i c !!!

  70. Rahil Hodekar

    E p i c !!!


    Huh is this new this wasent on netflix

  72. Ajaba Heyrta

    😂😂😂 ☝☝☝☝برای همین عحله داره. , اینحوری که ریده تو حسمم. وقت ندازه. البته حسم هم من ندارم

  73. Vinny Ganzano

    What absolute utter garbage. Mind numbingly poor acting. Perpetuating the myth of sharks as mindless eating machines. The complete absence of context. I have Amazon Prime but even just the premise of this show made me look for something more intelligent to watch, hmm Tellytubbies.