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  1. SaRaHi SRH

    Trevor"there's something in me that get riled up whenever South Africa gets mentioned on international news" Me:also South African getting excited that SA got mentioned on the Daily Show 😁

  2. LF DV

    In b4 bans are done in Russia and everyone is in jail or dead :(

  3. AciDic

    I dropped a tear when I heard she got tickets to disney world

  4. David Fulgenzi

    Hey Trevor Norris🖕😂😂TRUMP 2024

  5. Shubhangi Shifa

    Check out the Indian farmers rn

  6. Nina Hijmans

    Hell no, brady is so ugly. Gimme some of that mahomes

  7. Thabang Nthebe

    Fastest and deadliest thing from SA since Oscar Pistorius 🤣🤣🤣... Trevor, wa hlanya, sani... 🤣🤣🤣


    The Daily Show is pure facts, with a hint of sassy irony.

  9. ͔ ͔

    Really Fox.

  10. Ashwin Manur

    Me: Can we have Qanon shaman Mom: we have qanon shaman at home Qanon shaman at home: 2:49


    Man Fox News hiring requirements must be: 10+ Years experience of being a rat is a requirement.

  12. Tinnell Edwards

    Man can we get you to interview Tyler Perry now please!!!

  13. Tenzing Bhutia

    Lmao, epic 🤣🤣🤣

  14. TheAvengersRising

    Wow, all those protests across the country is sure to provoke Vladimir Putin into advancing his imperial revival agenda before 2024. Besides Ukraine, Putin could sometime this year or next year send government troops and spetsnaz into infiltrating and integrating Estonia and Latvia and he may actually give up Bashar al-Assad in exchange for closer ties with Erdogan of Turkey by pulling troops out of Syria and letting the Turks and their Syrian allies merge most of the country with Turkey.

  15. Paul Morphy

    Jeanne Piro blows Trump on TV.

  16. William Erazo

    So true. Like he’s out. Just focus on governance and instead of political games

  17. Abor Hills

    What about INDIA? We had like 20 protests last year🤣

  18. Horace Mitchell

    "Wow double standard much"

  19. Nithin Kurian

    You guys need so relief from Fox News

  20. Thabo Mahlaba

    Why are they only singling us out. The English got it too, don't they?

  21. Siddhangana Ray

  22. Samuel Lueth

    Fox news forgot what they were just few days and months ago and thank God The Daily Show is here to remind them.

  23. Paul Morphy

    Ingraham is the one pushing nauseating garbage.

  24. Lavanya Sahay

    Please cover The Farmer’s Protest in India 🇮🇳. It’s the largest protest going on. Please 😭

  25. Chai Ky


  26. Paula Keller

    Brady secret is inflated footballs. Don't be surprize if Navalny is killed in Russian prison. Trump and Mitch is the epic battle.

  27. MTG 619


  28. Extricos A

    The last clip with "double standards" could not be more ironic

  29. Angel Taniya

    The snotty engineering mathematically peel because secretary electrophoretically decay sans a fluffy noise. outgoing, pushy kitty

  30. TheSwedishJen

    🤮 this is nauseating and painful

  31. Phonso watching

    ' no bitch for heat"🤣🤣

  32. OIO

    They wanna preach about media bias???

  33. Sailor Centauri

    That's a lot of treason.

  34. Anonymous

    Hello everyone! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3



  36. Ethan Carneiro

    4:19 bruh, you missed the Indian farmer protests Edit: Lmao jk, love your work

  37. חיים בן-דוד

    All of you are the same. You care about your agenda and only that. American politics summarized in one sentence : Same shit different sewage system

  38. Anthony Carranza

    The abiding dry prenatally drum because value geometrically place failing a utter income. demonic, picayune thermometer

  39. DeclaredJeans

    At least Schumer didn't say "erection AND insurrection", like Trump would've done. Because Trump never say or do anything that's not perfect..

  40. Anonymous

    Hello everyone! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3

  41. vondior

    Wonder whatever happened to the other ppl that was involved

  42. FAITH. M Amutuhaire

    Kylie jenner shower pressure 🙌🏾😆😆😆😆😆

  43. LollipopHouser

    Fox News is just as bad as trump in inciting people.

  44. Clara ñop poñ

    Don't understand why the onu or the richest countries don't intervene against authoritarian places to defend democracy all together

  45. Ravi Shankar

    Nothing against blonde women, but majority on camera Trump supporters, right wing media hosts, press secretary/s who are Women are all blonde. What's up with that.

  46. sulayman jallow

    Is really sad to watch fox news 😂

  47. Excelll 333


  48. deboozombie23

    2:50 Somewhat weird, when the man wearing russian flag face paint and a bison hat, waving his nations flag, might suddenly right about the government taking the rights of the people.

  49. muse tom

    I can't man I can't🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Half the Americans will start to live in reality as soon as they get rid of Fox News and similar brainwashing media.

  51. Danl Hendle

    I was Tom Bradys age when he won his first superbowl and when Tom Leher was my age Mozart had been dead for 27 years

  52. sabitsuki

    A third right wing party lol

  53. Racha Sahar

    Trevor: I always get happy when they mention South africa in international news. lool I can relate... 🇩🇿😂

  54. jackie See

    Dont for get when Teddy Roosevelt left the presidency he created the independent

  55. ILLWILL Q70

    Where is my comment I left...oh thats right...its lost in Algorithmic fuckery🤦🏾‍♂️

  56. Kathryn Poe

    Idk we can just call them the P. party.

  57. Tekamer

    This didn’t age well

  58. Sirzechs Quasar

    Why can't like the best fighter in the world join a riot and just merk all the cops for the bants

  59. adiroots

    Always appreciate Jelani's perspectives.

  60. SiCKenz

    "We shouldn't uphold the law because we are scared" -The Party of Law and Order

  61. john shakya

    Trevor's neighbours must think trevor has gone mad😂😂

  62. Mauricio Lopez

    Booooooooooooooooo shity show

  63. D Shepherd

    So when do we get to find out what Trump has on Lindsey? It ridiculously obvious Lindsey Graham is being extorted. There is no other explanation for his 180 degree changes on anything that negatively affects Trumpito the Traitor.

  64. Darren Lutz

    im so sick of the slippery slope fallacy. WHERE DOES IT END? Somewhere.

  65. Marco A Sierra Bernal

    Lest have fox for diner

  66. Pilletta Doinswartsh

    Donald Trump did literally the worst thing a president can do. An autogolpe (self-coup). Assuming power from the outside is much more difficult. But RETAINING power, unlawfully, from the inside is much easier. And still, Donny fucked it up. Mainly, because our system works. Let's please thank the Republican election officials and governors who refused to disenfranchise the voters of their counties and states, over lies.

  67. Maryam Pinky

    May the future generation grow up to be this wise🙌

  68. Jean Sylliac

    Trevor protest in Haiti also 😁

  69. ADRX Deedrich

    I was thinking.. Who DA fck wants to travel to the USA from South Africa right now, more covid active cases in the USA than South Africa, we have to wear masks , so we don't have the issue of stressing about anti maskers in our face screaming civil rights blah blah, we don't stress about having to wear masks .. the only country I would want to go to now is new Zealand, every other country, nahh

  70. Raymond Omit

    Looks like there’s going to be some career ending choices for certain Republicans ??? The Republican Party has become a bunch of reality deniers is this what they are trying to conserve???

  71. Deejay Mongiman

    Going with Ma homi....

  72. Thomas Kristensen