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Cardi B has evolved into an entertainer, actress and a renowned rapper in just a short time. Now a GRAMMY AWARD WINNING rap superstar, Cardi’s 3x Platinum selling debut album Invasion of Privacy debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album includes the 9x RIAA platinum certified classic, “Bodak Yellow and all 13 tracks on Invasion of Privacy have been RIAA certified Gold or higher - making Cardi the first female artist to achieve this feat. Her recent release, “WAP (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion)”, proved an immediate blockbuster with a record-shattering debut that earned RIAA Gold certification on its first day and became one of the top 3 hip-hop streaming debuts of all time, along with breaking various other records. Cardi now returns with “Up,” available at all DSPs and streaming services.

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  1. Kneega Knut

    The instrumental carries Trashy B,lyrics are generic like every song of hers,trying to make a tiktok song.sorry Trashy B but you are top 20 worst rappers of all time

  2. alex ultra

    ahah culone

  3. Pamela McMillen

    And you talk about Dr. Suess

  4. Yeshma Bhowaneedin

    Can we get another collab please? 😭

  5. Melford Escala



    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

  7. Adolfo Coy

    How is this worse than anaconda

  8. I love balls!

    BMTH - Avalanche is age restricted, this is not. Let that sink in

  9. Marta Rutka


  10. Jay Puisis


  11. Ratouja Ritej

    WOW ᕙ[・۝・]ᕗ

  12. Terry the wise


  13. Ardiana Veseli

    this i song is fire❤️🔥🔥

  14. Alexxx

    Si subtile Si classe.... Magnifique.. Pas vulgaire... Belle époque :)

  15. Joetta & Demaia Simmons

    Ik I'm 7 but this is the best

  16. Almedina Beqiri

    You is my queen

  17. Соня Атанасова


  18. softpro13 _fortnite


  19. Virtual_Letters

    Your a lame pagan.

  20. Oyun delisi

    Türk varmı agalar

  21. Navika Singh

    Black pink: How you like that Cardi B: I like it like that Ariana Grande: I see it, I like it Billie Eilish: I could lie say I like it like that

  22. saravana kumar

    Can't wait for the kidsbop version 😅

  23. Sneha Saha

    the way he just ended the song i-

  24. Mishka Mixalich


  25. girl and guys only


  26. Maria Sherstyk


  27. Unnamed Relative

    This dong is reaññy importante to me, thank you. You make me bracero. And that on periodista 🥰🥀🦄🧚🏾‍♂️🧞‍♀️🕺🌻🐣🐉🐈😫😽🥰🦄😭🐇🕺🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏾‍♂️🐉🦄♥️💋🤬😘🥺

  28. C Mac

    I don't know how to feel about this 😅

  29. Thinking Person


  30. 夜铭

  31. Girl Scouts Miss Heather

    This is absolutely disgusting. In a world where were condemning Disney and Dr Seuss then we have songs like this piece of garbage. Their tongues should be ripped out so we never have to listen to this crap again. For real, who is the one that is most hurting our kids? Disgusting!

  32. Krishal Deo


  33. Julia Goncharova

    Карди крутая!! И не важно, есть на ней макияж или нет, она прикольная, не скучная и искренняя.

  34. mimi Gulde

    this song is your best song Cardi :)

  35. Mapuss

    967.495.756 Miss gibi ...

  36. Trump Zilla

    Ahhh....Great Christian music.

  37. Ярослав Савченко

    [email protected] my eyes. This one can't be called a "music"🤢

  38. 3E10 Tsz Yui Thalassa CHOW

    i don't cook i don't clean

  39. 3E10 Tsz Yui Thalassa CHOW

    why does it look like that they are a couple

  40. Shaun Hunt

    I can do this

  41. 3E10 Tsz Yui Thalassa CHOW

    urmm i am 8 and is this ok for me?

  42. Aniki Mthimunye

    I love cardi b

  43. Aniki Mthimunye

    I love the song

  44. Ben Jenkins

    The lyrics really are beautiful. They really make you take a proper look on life ❤

  45. Ruth X

    70 million views in 1month what a queeenn.......BARDI GANG WHERE YOU AT

  46. ScorpionBOSS


  47. Jenny Siva

    No hate but I feel like this isn’t the Cardi B i was listening to.....

  48. Krisna Saja

    ya allah susumu mbak

  49. Bts Army

    أستغفر الله

  50. zWMbi WilliaM

    A massa adora kkk

  51. Vince J


  52. Maria

    Cardi b ✨DIOSA✨

  53. Almedina Beqiri

    I loveeeee yooouuuuu cardi b💪💪❤❤❤❤

  54. Brandy Reynolds

    There is no talent just filthy trash 🗑️

  55. Eduardo Quintanilha

    The *B* trio: Cardi *B* *B* ad *B* unny *B* alvin

  56. mylove mp

    Who is watching this in 2021.

  57. Angela Jackson

    Cardi, you are beautiful and sexy AF

  58. Richard Pearson

    The girl in red looks nice, but the other two are ugly, guess when that's the case and the music atrocious then no surprise at all that sex is used, doesn't work with her sheets definitely no model.

  59. Saidaxror Abdusalomov


  60. Miss Rawat

    This song makes me wanna tell the mom to shut up

  61. Dhruv Roy barman

    Continuous flexing over plastic is going on in the whole video

  62. Charles

    This song makes me wanna take my parents back to school.

  63. 420 911

    Cardi b is racist

  64. Amit Jalan

    Having a bad day? Just imagine Kermit the frog pole dancing to this

  65. Аташка

    Love you

  66. Ektopik

    A lyrical genius

  67. oaklandvill23

    I’m so sorry for your husband that he went to jail I don’t even know the police just came out like Carly know they don’t need to touch you but I’m Parriott Carti I’m so happy for you right now you’re

  68. NeoN

    Nobody likes that, but where are 7 million likes from?

  69. _Dqy_light_

    Here on 69 million views