Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

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  1. Andrew Taylor

    i usually turn game volume down to 5%... this is one of few games ill be listening to ; TURNT UP

  2. Madness?..

    Do you guys not have Path of exile?

  3. Madness?..

    When El Diablo achieved Resurrección...

  4. Johnny Watson

    Characters' movements don't seem as natural as the original to me...

  5. A F

    No I wont buy this game! as a Roman Catholic I hate to see this unholy reference to the Holy Eucharist and Tabernaculum, it's just so jewish and so masonic to use it in the game that it borders on blasphemy. Why don't you go with mosques or synagogues instead???

  6. NeuRofreak

    rogue looking very cool cant wait to play it!

  7. Imtygaming

    Why waste more than 10 years on a mobile game instead of Diablo 4?

  8. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    torrents !!!!

  9. Imtygaming

    Cmon you are 5 years behind. D4 not even close to release.....

  10. Ricardo Moran

    Please blizzard do the same with Diablo 1

  11. Wacho

    They screwed up with the game cell phone and now they come with this horrendous cinematic and feminazi character to sell to basics possers gaymersgirls.

  12. Caleb B

    This better not be digital only across the board. Please give us a boxed cartridge at least for switch.

  13. Raul M.

    Get this right, Blizzard. You have to. You simply HAVE TO.

  14. พี่ เอก

    So Cool D2Res

  15. Rawi1986

    We are going to need more cows please.

  16. Nick Bunich

    Please do not pre-order it. Let it be good.

  17. StrikerXL

    Don't forget your macOS fandom please, thank you!

  18. TheGameBadz

    Release date?

  19. Facundo Batista

    I'll buy it out of respect for the original Diablo II, but I don't have any expectations about this new blizzard team

  20. 김민승

    블리자드 오버워치 개꿀잼!!

  21. StirbMensch

    Just had this slightly crazy idea of a feature on the wish-list... just add the Cube recipes in-game, as droppable loot (scrolls); just implement a separate menu from which you can view in-game the recipes collected so far. I know that they are available for everyone @ Arreat Summit - but why not do the right thing and also make them visible in-game? Would also add a nice activity of collecting every Cube recipe.

  22. Michael unicorn

    diablo4 = diablo3+new ui

  23. zener pabalan

    Can't wait, i want to play it as soon as possible :) release the CBT :) ahaha soon the OBT

  24. fgh fgh

    at least they still know how to make awesome cinematics.

  25. Sword of Evil's Bane

    This remake will ensure Blizzard's survival in terms of business and money. We all been loving and playing and replaying over and over this masterpiece of a game for twenty years. I can't wait to see how it goes. Imma buy it as soon as it's released.

  26. Billy Mercury

    Not even a fan of Diablo but I'll do everyone a favor and dislike this piece of filth

  27. 도구로

    D2R censorship is stupid. Going to request refund if that doesn't change.

  28. ceerw buty

    I have goosebumps, this was my childhood, IM SO PUMPED 😍

  29. TrancoTechnizer

    This is already a failure

  30. Cheeki Breeki i v Damki

    If they censored any of those corpses, especially those in torture chambers or that pile lying on a pool in Andariel's Boss Chamber, I call it bullcrap.

  31. bArood '

    Diablo 3.5 best game

  32. Zretral the Wandering Bard

    Can’t wait to suffer to Duriel once more!

    1. ceerw buty

      Why Amazon has to be this ugly? Why it is so expensive? Will not buy

  33. Tom Perry

    will we start fresh? as in buy the new version and start from scratch and/or can we merge old accounts or sign into old accounts? i use to have 10 or more accounts mostly for mules. Played since release. all my accounts expired after keeping them alive for years

    1. Tom Perry

      Also, what about the BOTS and the SCAMMING?

  34. Eye Sore

    Wyatt Cheng is such a douche. Why does he act that way? As if he's .. egh.. Keep him behind the scenes.

  35. David Lo

    who here is excited about D2 pvp?

  36. Kiano Uy

    I just started playing D2, and this Duriel fellow people are talking about is making me nervous.

  37. Hazhadal K

    Are you guys ready to see the hype train falling in less than a week just like it happened in diablo 3?

  38. K K

    Huge FPS drop 1:06

  39. 911

    mike tyson?

  40. Josh Mears

    Would be good if we could give recommendations on things to add/change, I for one would think it'd be cool if when you create a rune word in an item that it changes the appearance of the item giving it a more unique look. But either way, I'm 32 and still play D2, so I'm super excited about the launch of this game

  41. djvapid

    I seem to recall this same thing not too long ago. What was it? Warcraft: Reforged? And we all know how that turned out. I won't get my hopes up.

  42. David Aceves

    Would love to see a mini-doc of what it took to make this game.

  43. Eric Larson

    Nothing like an annoying old coot that talks incessantly... and like most others I "stayed a while and listened" for over 20+ years too. I was happy to have Cain gone though it left a gap in the game for me (kind of like losing an Uncle or Grandpa who always told the same stories but when they were gone you missed them), but like most people, it was not his "death" that was the problem, it was HOW he died and the fact that is was a stinking minor MOTH character that did him. Not even a beautiful butterfly, though that would have been only slightly better.

  44. Michaela Grabner

    Goosebumps... <3

  45. KevinGame3

    I am Imagine overwatch 2 is releasing in early 2022 to like around March in for Diablo 4 it’s out in as late as 2022 or early 2023

  46. Tony Jones

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  47. Ira Chan

    the congress comparison is real

  48. Tomáš Kaštovský

    omg finaly!!!!

  49. Bruno Vitalino

    Remeber W3R... Trailer is one thing. The real game is something else.

  50. Felipe Payssé

    This doesn’t look nearly as good as Diablo 2 resurrected. Hard pass

  51. Bokaj01

    The 3090 was designed for this moment.

  52. 34smlS

    Is what gman ...? 0:50

  53. Deckard Cain

    What about MacOS?

  54. SaGe OwL

    Does the guy under llama hit puberty yet?

  55. Wild West

    I think making the stash a lot bigger would not really hurt or change much. People love to hoard stuff. But the inventory on the character has to stay the same size.

  56. Wild West

    Here is my request for QOL. Can the merc show advanced stats, and show the items he has equipped? I think mercs could use a few small improvements without changing how they work. Everyone uses and have builds based around mercs.

  57. Wild West

    It looks really good so far, and it looks true to the original. Some QOL minor things like larger stash and shared stash and stuff like advanced stats is all this game even really needs. I do think later D2 could use a balance/skill tweak to change the meta since some builds are OP and others useless.

  58. Hei C

    So is this a hint that dueling is available is D4?

  59. Stuart Hollingsead

    This is basically what every nerd wanted when D3 was announced. Instead we got a cartoon rainbow realm? ffs they killed Decard Cain. a sin worse than making Luke Skywalker, the embodiment of hope, into a cynical old hermit.

  60. Googleek Account

    Здравствуйте. Я был в большом восторге, когда узнал об анонсе Diablo 2 resurrected. Ведь я давний поклонник Ваших игр. Но останавливает одно от предзаказа, это внешность Амазанки, извините, но почему она настолько похожа лицом на мужчину?

  61. Lost Cosmos

    Blizzard better have learnt from their mistakes regarding Warcraft Reforged. If you bungle this title up, theres no coming back from it.

  62. kytta

    I don't see the most important question here: there were many promises made for WC3 remaster, and we got a piece of hot garbage. Why should gamers believe anything you say?

    1. Wild West

      warcraft 3 deserved something like this. Better than what it got. Warcraft 3 might be the most important game blizzard EVER made.

  63. Keith Makan


  64. NosTqJi

    You're frustrating this game because every phone won't be

  65. rkksr

    I don't get this flashy moves and skills. It is like being hero on a pony with rainbows. Open cinematic for D4 strike me for authenticity and the game does not.

  66. Worldraven .Nevar

    How I wish that Blizzard would make a 1st/3rd person view MMO in the Diablo/Diablo 2 universe with these dark and realistic graphics. It would be biblical.

  67. Steven Cleere

    all I'm saying....is the freaking chat gem better be there.

  68. Jose Trejo

    It has to come to NETFLIX 🙏🏽


    the world of runes will return?

  70. Ebenezer Scrooge

    not convinced... unless they include a "perspective" option. even D4 has some kind of perspective going on. when the player was walking in the desert, i didn't see the illusion of "diorama" with the big stone head... hmmm.. >_>

  71. Iovu Ion

    I hope Diablo II remastered won't be too difficult. It was solo hard on act II, III and IV due to OP enemies on any difficult.

  72. Focid Homophobicii

    People saying that they want Morgan Freeman narating their life... but for me it must be this guy only

  73. Stranger Phenomenon

    making RUNE WORDS awesome.. like making the outfits or weapon looks different after you complete the rune word, like it will transform its power to the weapon and it will look cooler on your character.. that will be awesome for 2021.. because in the past you will look like a peasant.. so if thy change the design adding flavor to it color and weapon effects and armor effects so your character will look badass.. not generic and common because of the sockets.. rune word complete and boom armor shines and changes to a new armor with awesome looks to it! pls push this to the D2R so it will be applied soon..