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  1. Clasic Zombies

    Ik he smoke he gotta smoke 🤣

  2. I love Germany

    Here's how you solve this. SEGREGATION NOW!

  3. Keshav Raval

    I loved this dude from watching him now i wanna root for him even more comon giants please get him or waddle

  4. XD Gaming

    The only and I mean ONLY possible superteams that could compete with this one is LSU (mix of Ed O and Les Miles), Ohio State (Meyer), Clemson (Dabo) and maybe Oklahoma (Stoops, Riley).

  5. Aaron Farley

    Guarantee he’ll be playing NFL next fall !!!! That’s a big call for someone coming off a 1 game season !!!

  6. L. Hunt

    He's coming to ATLANTA.

  7. 43 Dugg

    Future Lion 🙏🏾

  8. RS Yoda

    What a watch

  9. Nit Bit

    Nick saban should just own cfb at this point

  10. Steve Morgan

    To thousand 1k that disliked this. You have no heart.

  11. flying hamster

    oh look! its the dude from dhar mann oh nvm

  12. Joshua Slaughter

    That d line would be unblockable

  13. Kj Thomas

    4 on notre dame cant do nothing

  14. Jay Forrest

    Jamarcus Russell the best qb Saban coached 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Trey Stewart

    Mac jones and that offense was fun to watch this year !

  16. Max Taunton

    Saints need to thank a bout him if bress does retire

  17. Doug Yates

    Thanks a lot ESPN for not allowing Americans to watch the College National Football Championship game on network anymore!!! You bastards!

  18. Robert Tolbert

    It’s pretty bad when I can’t watch a breakdown of my favorite quarterback. This clown is the worst analyst in the history of broadcasting.

  19. John Randall Banks

    As a life long Buckeye fan I can say we had a great season. Dabo should've eaten his words, but he didn't. Ohio State wasn't picked by anyone to even remotely compete in this game. I knew we had a chance, but that it would be very tough. The Buckeyes had to be at the top of their game, make little to no mistakes, and keep the Clemson Offense off the field, or at least controlled. We succeeded so well to my great pleasure. Sure there was an interception, but still a great game all around. We held a team that had averaged over 45 pts per game all year to 28. . Anyone who says that they failed by not beating Bama doesn't know college football. Bama is a beast, and for us to get there was a major accomplishment.

  20. Zatt56

    best hit since 2000

  21. Matt Psycho

    Next lions qb right here!!!!!!

  22. CancelAnime

    Bakers Mayfield would have something to say about that

  23. Mason Oury

    Lee Cirso is absolutely wonderful and adorable. :)

  24. Matt

    Semper fi oorah rest easy Brandon

  25. TheBox

    Nick Loves Jacob Blake, they Marched for him after he pulled a knife on a Police Officer.

  26. Lukezd08

    From an ECU fan I can’t be mad that y’all ran a punt when you were up by 30 you Gotta do what you gotta do

  27. Brian Royce Harmon


  28. Jorge Mendoza

    Why did I just barely find this video

  29. Eric plowboy

    I can see the stress in Campbell face. Thank you Sucup, thank you Pollard. Driving him away.

  30. Karen Morgan

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    OSU just gave up

  32. Bryan Jackson

    As a Bronco fan.....NO I DO NOT want Trey Lance!!!!!

  33. John Scott

    I hate Ohio State they dont deserve to be there anyway

  34. Ruby Massie

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  35. Alek Acovski

    Welcome to Detroit young man!!

  36. Trevor Huerta

    Anybody know what is Episoketren System about? I hear many individuals improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.

  37. Gabe G

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  38. Gerome Manicia

    yo now I hope the giants draft this guy lol

  39. YTK_Keiran_BTW ?

    Making history Teams proceeds to get blowed out an her telling the team to cheer up💀

  40. joe blow

    So let Bama play coastal Carolina or BYU in a playoff game? That will be competitive. Adding playoff teams does nothing for competition. Some of the biggest college programs have been struggling. Michigan and Texas for example. Nothing is broken just certain teams have been dominant.

  41. King Vic

    Tim Tebow was the REAL nfl player who was discriminated against for taking a knee

  42. Ty Robinson

    Gotta have Surtain on here

  43. Nik Workman

    Why do we have three safeties for the DB’s like where was Marlon Humphrey

  44. Carrera First

    Who cares. Ball chasers

  45. Andrew Patrick

    Lane will defeat Bama in 2021. Came close in 2020.

  46. Mika Levy

    I will not cry at 11pm I refuse

  47. Adam Melecio


  48. Young Drew

    I think Jets trade back and get him

  49. Braden Bryant

    Fun fact Brandon went to valley spring before Harrison

  50. Braden Bryant

    My dad went to school with Brandon

  51. SethHarbison

    And there's people like landon collins' mom who are like the opposite of emmitt

  52. Effigy of Chaos

    He makes the impersonations so easy lol

  53. WYKDRocketMan5.2 RocketMan

    Clark is Right!!!

  54. Craig Odem

    When Saban retires, there will be a hole in college football. And, not just because of what he does on the field, but because this generation is all but gone from the game. Saban is good for college football.

  55. Boo Beenjamin

    I didn't see 1clip of Jalen waddle and he deserved it.

  56. John Henry de Klerk

    if he faces an elite D he WILL get picked off

  57. PHOENIX Gaming - العنقاء

    hello brothers what does a walk on mean

  58. Corey Carter

    A few years ago My Florida team lost to Georgia Southern, Michigan lost to Appalachian State, Oklahoma lost to Boise State. Underdog stories is what we love. But if your a recruiter for say East Carolina how do you convince a 5* to come play with you when Alabama is heavily recruiting them as well, you got nothing to offer. It's simple.

  59. Geniux Guy

    He got a old school personality I like that he reminds of Randy Moss

  60. bih kat

    Gooooo Dawgs .... PeriodT

  61. brandon owens

    That man needs a documentary

    1. Nadia Scroce

      This video _is_ a documentary, just a short one, a mini one!

  62. Lincoln MacEachern

    How do you turn pro as a sophomore?

    1. John Henry de Klerk

      unless hes older

  63. Gavin Sweigard

    Shut up dabo